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Solutions for Planning and Executing Quality Inspections

Apparel and Fashions

Speed Step Final Inspection:

Speed Step Final Inspection Software is an advanced application framework that helps you to plan and execute quality inspections under AQL. You will get accurate view of the quality of the product at every stage of production. This application provides complete data for planning, executing quality inspections, generating results and sharing inspection reports with your business partners instantly.

Speed Step Final Inspection will let you perform quality inspections digitally. It enables quick decision making as all information is available readily. This will improve customer satisfaction and boost your business profits.

  • Inspection planning:
    Planning and scheduling inspections (date, place and time)

  • Inspection booking:
    Book Inspectors for executing inspections using product Data
  • AQL Standards:
    To confirm the product quality under AQL standards

  • Inspection Execution:
    Conduct Inspection on main fabric, garment, trims, label, faults, measurement, Color, packing materials etc..

  • Inspection results:
    Inspection results are calculated and assigned with result categories

  • Reporting:
    Inspections reports can be generated and shared with partners instantly

  • Mobile Apps:
    Inspection can be conducted through Android mobiles and Tablets

  • Documents:
    Documents and Photos can be attached from the mobile to support defects

Final Inspection made easy with Speed Step Software



Integrated with AQL table to determine what and how samples should be inspected. AQL will be random and differs for each inspection ensuring quality inspections. Using this standard will make your inspections fast and accurate.


Speed Step Final Inspection software can be integrated into other Speed Step products (PLM, PDM, Supply Chain Applications). It has an open-interface to work with other ERP’s for working with different applications.

Inspection Planning

Inspections can be planned based on order type, inspection kind, supplier and inspector or quality firm. Inspection planning work center will show the list of inspection planned for the logged-in inspectors.

Customized Inspections

Inspection can be customized for inline, pre-final and final inspection. Reports can be customized to suit your existing processes. It can be customized for inspecting other product processes.

Inspection Execution

The inspections can be done using mobile and tablet devices and have timely access to planned inspections. All data for inspection will be available digitally. The inspection reports can be created and shared with partners immediately.  


Speed Step Final Inspection software is flexible with integrated workflow system. Status overview, notification system and Microsoft outlook integration for better and quicker communication.

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