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Simplified Product Data Management For Fashion

Speed Step PDM

Speed Step Product Data Management

Globalization of markets and changes in the customer requirements puts new challenges to Fashion industry for product design, development, sampling and delivery. The key success of any fashion company is how fast they can create product samples with less consumption costs to meet customer requirements.

All product data such as style, product groups, size, colors, Images, measurements, Bill of Materials, instructions, workflow, product costings can be created and accessed by authorized users throughout the product life cycle. This helps to produce the right product, using the right raw materials and at the right time reducing wastage and increasing profits.

Speed Step PDM is an advanced tool specially made for fashion companies to use and analyze relevant product data from planning to delivery. You can categorize product information for reusability. All product information is stored in the centralized database and accessible to authorized departments.

  • Product Development:
    Style, product groups, size, colors, Images, measurements, BOM and instructions.

  • Style Description:
    Predefined color, size, measurements and instructions.

  • Centralized database:
    All product technical information stored in one place.

  • Colors:
    Options to create your own colors.

  • Images:
    Support all windows graphics format and enables opening and editing images directly from the application. 

  • Cost Control: 
    Product analysis and forecast, Precise consumption calculation, Reduced planning time, flexible integration with other interfaces.

  • Sampling and Tracking:
    You can create, track and inspect sample orders with your suppliers and get instant reports. Follow-up made easy to cut down delays.

  • Usability and Data Security:
    Easy to use screens and high data security ensures all the product information is safe and accessible to authorized users. 

  • Document Management:
    All documents and information are stored in a centralized database and easy to retrieve.

  • Reports:
    Customized Reports and real-time reports which can be shared by email directly from the application. 

  • Powerful interface:
    It can be integrated with other ERP systems. Adobe illustrator is also integrated for users to open and edit the image directly in the application. 

Product Data Management for Fashion Business


Product Management

Create and manage seasons, collection planning, themes and color cards. Bill of materials with color coordination, measurement charts. Supports all windows graphics formats with OLE and adobe illustrator integrations.

Image Libraries

Image Library to handle multiple images, Artboard and illustrator integration. Create measurement images with inbuilt editor options. 3 Dimensional image handling techniques to visualize creativity.


Dashboard and status bar for sampling and product development progress. Increased transparency between each department ensuring any changes made to the product data notifies the whole team.

Material Library

Manage raw materials like fabric and accessories, create Bill of Material (BOM) Templates with predefined positions for size/color-based components. Details on technical and quality details for every material maintained. You can also create accessories with multiple colors and sizes.


All documents and communications are stored in a centralized database. Any information about product changes can be accessed anytime, anywhere using effective search filters.


Sampling Orders with your process partners. You can manage all the sample request, sample production orders, do approval, Lab dips, and comment on changes. You can also access sampling statistics and analysis reports based on sampling orders.

Tech pack

Instant Tech pack creation which helps developing your product specification in less time. It simplifies the understanding more efficiently between you and your manufacturer. It will include measurements, materials, colors, trim, packing, grading, labels, tags etc.


Send internal and external communication, email, reminders making the communication process simple and effective. User can transfer information globally with data integrity.

Integration with IT systems

Effective integration with SAP and feasibility to integrate with other ERP systems to make your work more simple and effective. Adobe illustrator plugin integration for opening and editing images directly from the application.

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