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Common Problems Found in Garment Production:

Common Problems Found in Garment Production:

When I say problems in garment production. It can in any form that affects the production performance, quality and on time delivery.

All factories and manufacturing companies faces various problems. You cannot find a single factory without a problem. Sometime a problem will not end. Even if one problem is solved then another problem raises in various formats and process.

Problem is not a bad thing, but knowing your problems can make you build the ability to face the problem with solutions accordingly. Most of the problems occurs and affects line production, performance, product quality and timely delivery. By understanding the problems, you can work for the better solution that keeps away from the frequent problems. Here are some problems that are normally faced by lot of manufacturing companies.

Defect Generation in Sewing
When the sewing lines are completed and the garments are checked, there are number of garments that have defects. Defects may be due to defective materials and cutting during the sewing process. Even though some defects are found and repaired, there will be even some defects during the final sewing stages.

Problem with Raw Materials:
Production team does not get the raw materials on time. Sometimes they are delayed too much and only received during urgency and with very low quality.

Delay in Production Start
Production planning department will plan the schedules in time, But the fabrics will be not being delivered in Planned Cutting Date. Lines are ready with machines and labors, but Some time the cutting departments takes longer time for cutting and the supervisors get the materials very late which causes delay in production.

Long Line Setting Time
line setting time increases due to poor prior the line setting

High Lost Time
Machin operators lose some valuable hours due to various reasons. The reason may be due to poor co-ordination within the department, previous process not completed on time, feeding shortage and other quality issues.

Operator Absence:
with operator absence there is an increase Labour problem in sewing department. Due to this companies are offering bonus for attendance to make them present on all days in a month.

Frequent Change in Production Planning:
When a productions plan is received and the work is in progress, the production department loads a style to line and suddenly get new instructions to stop the current style and start with one new style. This breaks the production time and cause delay in the production process.

Insufficient Information
Factories conduct production plan meeting and weekly meetings. Even after getting the details from the meeting, exact details are not passed on to the production department. Due to delivery schedule pressure, bulk production is started without even getting the full requirements of the order.

We know you are from the garment production or fashion industry where you would have faced these problems. Please let us know if you have faced any other problems. We have solutions and we would like to improve it according to the current problems in the industry. 

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