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Garment Manufacturing Flow Chart and Sequence of Garment Production process

Garment Manufacturing Flow Chart and Sequence of Garment Production process

Garment manufacturing process consists of various steps and procedures.  This blog will let you know what are the steps involved for a complete order right from order receiving, raw materials and delivery. A flow chart will help you to understand the manufacturing process very easily and how raw materials are used and converted into wearable garments.

Flow Chart of Garment Manufacturing process.

Sequences of garment production process: 

1. Design/ Sketch: It can be given by the buyers to the manufacturers which includes sketch, measurements and styles. Buyer can also request for a sample sketch from the manufacturer where designers will design some styles to the buyer.

2. Basic Block: Basic block is a specific constituent of garments without any style of design (without Payment, Style, Design). Here buyers confirm individual components of the needed garments.

3. Pattern Working: By having the tech-pack sheet, artwork and style ideas, patterns of each garments are made. When a pattern is made for a style with needed dimension according to the tech-pack with payments, then it is known as pattern working.

4. Sampling Garments: A sample garments is being worked by the manufacturer and sent to the buyer to check and confirm is any changes needed for bulk production process. The buyer can approve, rectify the faults during this stage.

5. Approved Sample: If any changes required on the sampling process. Buyer will request to rectify the changes. If no changes are needed then it is called approved sample. Now the manufacturer can do bulk productions of the garments.

6. Costing: Costing will include all the pricings procedures. Buyer and manufacturer discuss about the costing modules in this project. Costing can be of fabric costing, making charges, Trimming cost and profit cost.

7. Production pattern: Garment bulk production approval by making payments with net dimension.

8. Grading: When Bulk production, if the buyer needs the garment in different sizes, so then grading will be needed to be done to separate various sizes such as S, M, L, XL, XXL etc.

9. Marker Making: Marker making is a process of collecting all details of components of various size for a style of garments which should be followed during the cutting process.

10. Fabric Spreading: Fabric spreading is process of preparing fabrics and spreading it on tables for cutting process.

11. Cutting: This process involves in cutting the fabrics according to the marker dimensions.

12. Sorting and Bundling: This process involves in sorting out the fabric which undergone cutting according to the size. Then bundling the fabrics according to each size.

13. Sewing: This process is to sew the fabrics to make whole garments according to the specified size.

14. Ironing and Finishing: After sewing and getting garments in different sizes, steam ironing will be done along with process of removing any extra thread removals.

15. Inspection: Inspection done on the completed garment and check if the garments are passing the required quality.

16. Cartooning: After packing, the garments are placed for cartooning during which any cartoons and designs are added to the garments.

16. Packing: All garments are packed in Polyethylene bags and sorted according to the size specifications.

18. Dispatching: Now the garment is ready for delivery. 

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