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Cutting Mistakes in Fashion Manufacturing:

Cutting Mistakes in Fashion Manufacturing:

Cutting Mistakes
Here cutting means cutting of garments from fabric sheet. To find the solution of cutting issues, you need to understand the pattern of mistakes. So, we will first consider common mistakes and then would find possible solutions. To know the pattern of mistakes, ask yourself to follow questions. 

  • Mistake happening due to carelessness of the workers?  
  • Due to short coming of process design? 
  • Due to an unforeseen cause? 
  • Cutting team incapable of doing certain things due to lack of training and knowledge?

I have tried to make a brief list of the patterns of mistakes. 

Common cutting mistakes are

1. Wrong patterns:
Pattern modification is not done based on fabric shrinkage report or FIT comments is not incorporated in production patterns. This kind of mistake majorly happens where there is no standard procedure of pattern marking and pattern handover to cutting department. This kind of mistakes can also happen due to carelessness cutting workers or having little knowledge about patterns and its effects in production. 

2. Cutting a wrong size ratio:
It might be a result of carelessness of the workers.

3. Fabric received without prior quality check and approval based on test report:
Again, this is a result of not following standard procedure of fabric issue to cutting department. Not making shade band for fabrics with shade variation. 

4. Missing notch mark:
This may be a result of carelessness of employees. For example: - Notch mark is not given at desired position of the pattern or there is notch mark in patterns but cutter miss to cut notches in fabric lay.

5. Numbering mistakes:
Workers are not trained for the work or they are carelessness. 

6. Following wrong cutting plan:
Cutting plan sometimes doesn't match with the requirement of sewing department when cutting department doesn't work according to daily cutting plan. 
The above points are some common mistakes of cutting department but mistakes are not limited to these only. You might face other kind of mistakes as well. Speed Step Solutions is the right place where you can get perfect solutions for all day to day problems.

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