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Why some quality Inspections fails

Why some quality Inspections fails

Doing a quality inspection before shipment is like filtering the products which does not quality limits. Normally it won’t catch 100% of the problems 100% of the time. But quality inspections should catch 90% of the big problems. 

More and most of the fashion importers are worried about the value of quality inspection and then usually think that corruption is the main reason for this lack of efficiency. 
But I don’t agree with this. I listed below the major reasons why inspectors sometimes fail to notice quality problems that are BIG to their client eyes. 

1. Laziness: For example, they don’t pick products from every side and every height of the pile, to save time but also to avoid worrying about the factory. For example, during the visual check or the testing, they often don’t check as many products as they should, and they let the factory check the samples by themselves during the unloading process. 

2. Lack of training: When they need to check garments, some quality control agencies see no problem in sending inspectors who have a very less knowledge of textile goods. Some sophisticated clients can be uncertain about it after reading the QC report, but it is difficult to verify. These inspectors are very slow in taking quality control tasks, so they ask the factory to measure… and they write what they are told in the Quality inspection report. 

3. Wrong calibration: Sending an inspector who was inspecting a cheap product to check high quality products. He does not know how to conduct quality inspections on high quality products and writes the report as “everything is fine”. The buyer might be me able to check the problems according to his importance and that were not able to find during the quality inspection process. 

4. Poor timing of inspection: Normally the suppliers are late and only produce 20% of the product produced in the factory for quality inspection and the rest can be hide from the inspectors. And due to this quality inspections are missed and hence decrease in the quality of the products.

5.  Rushed job: When the order is considered as very much urgent and the inspector is under extreme time pressure. He thinks to take all the shortcuts to perform quality inspection to complete his work faster. 

6. Incomplete Specifications: Due to incomplete specifications and requirements given by the buyer, then the inspector will be given with the specifications which is different from the original. This may seem to be obvious problem during quality inspection process. 

Are we missing anything? Please comment to know if we are missing anything from the list. 

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